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Qingdao Kehua Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in oil drilling mud pump accessories. We’re a national high-tech enterprise. Since 2006, our company has been focusing on producing hydraulic end accessories for mud pumps. The main products are Double Metallic Liner, Zirconia Ceramic Liner, Piston, Valve & Seat, Piston rod, Extension rod, Crosshead, Crosshead Guide (Upper & Lower ), etc.

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KEHUA Mud Pump Parts Advantages

Product Advantages

Our mud pump parts have stable quality and long service life, which reduces the replacement frequency and improves oil recovery efficiency.

Service Advantages

provide you with professional technical advice and guidance, and a 24-hour rapid response mechanism to solve problems.

Price Advantages

Without the need for outsourced manufacturers, which control costs and provide more cost-effective products.

Factory Advantages

KEHUA has been committed to the manufacture and research and development of mud pump hydraulic end accessories for 30 years. 

Quality Inspection System

We have a professional quality inspection system to ensure the stability of product quality. 

Main Testing Equipment

Spectrometer, carbon-sulfur analyzer, metallographic microscope, Leeb hardness tester, tensile tester, three-coordinate measuring instrument, etc.

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